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The primary objective of the in depths multi-stakeholder assessment Identifying actions linking  humanitarian response to recovery and resilience building

Multi-Sectoral Needs Assessment Report

Multi-Sectoral Needs Assessment Report. The multi-sectoral needs assessment was commissioned by ActionAid International Somaliland to Talo Consulting.

Somalia/Somaliland, home of 4.17 million people (2020 data;, is facing one of the deadliest drought and food crises in its history. The Government of Somaliland, along with the UN agencies and development partners, has been working towards alleviating the risk of food insecurity in Somaliland. ActionAid has been operating in Somaliland since 1983 and implemented several long-term projects successfully supporting the most marginalized communities, especially women and young people, to build economic, social, and environmental resilience. However, the current drought has already negatively impacted all actors' development gains, including ActionAid. ActionAid has been responding to the crisis since 2021 using the human rights-based approach. For ActionAid to design and implement its response more effectively, the organisation commissioned an assessment of the Somalia context. This report presents the assessment findings in different sectors, including data gathering and analysis methodologies.